We manage your
e-commerce store, your
branding, and your
customised print items

Create a branded e-commerce or internal store,
assemble and easily upload customisable templates
of all your company's print material, and enable
users to print items directly. Then add some non-print
items for good measure.

Get started for free

We set up a branded store for all your items - print
and non-print, customisable or pre-printed. We create
the templates, organise the printing (where relevant),
and manage the storage, ordering, and dispatch.
You save time and money over labour-intensive

Make money by adding new
revenue streams

Develop new customer offerings

Add a new revenue stream by selling branded documentation: fact-sheets, flyers, questionnaires, or magazines - for customisation by external users. Or set up an e-commerce print shop for items you or others have designed.

Feature any print item
(and non-print too)

The sky's the limit

Print customisable stationery, cards, posters, flyers, booklets,
calendars, signs and banners. Also anything for which you can
supply a PDF to be printed - including display stands, arm bands,
stickers, T-shirts, bags, hats, key rings, bracelets … The list
is endless. Plus, if you want to feature some non-print
items in your store, feel free.

We supply your branded e-commerce store

It's all fully optimised

Whether you need a portal for use by internal staff or members, or a fully-fledged e-commerce
store accessible to the public, Wisque will get your store up and running in minutes. We
will populate the store with your items, input the pricing parameters, set up a payment
system, and incorporate an administration interface displaying a range of analytics,
The site will incorporate Search Engine Optimisation and security, and is designed to be
fast, functional and very interactive.

We create and upload
your print items

No technical skills needed

We help you design and create a PDF, identify sections
which you wish to be customised, and incorporate your
fonts and colours. You can do as much or as little
as you wish - we will do all the rest.

Access Wisque anytime

Keep your finger on the pulse

Simply open a web browser (Google Chrome, Opera,
Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10+) and view
your orders, or check the latest analytics.
The system is hosted securely in the cloud, on
servers located in the European Union, and
no installation is needed.

Wisque is an advanced three-in-one business tool

A state-of-the-art service which combines print, e-commerce and branding

Wisque enables companies, franchises, member organisations, and charities to enable customers or staff to access and personalise branded documentation, print items or non-print merchandise at the touch of a button. We take on the creation, handling, storage, payment and dispatch. Your branding is secure and promoted effortlessly, your staff time is reduced, and you have instant access to a wide range of analytic tools to help your planning.

Companies we have printed for